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🛍️ Tote-ally Meant To Be: My Thirty-One Story 💖

Story Time!  I’d love to share a little from my heart with you….I don’t always gush about Thirty-One, but with love in the air this month, and celebrating a milestone anniversary, I thought I’d spill the tea and share #allthefeels.


It wasn’t that long ago that I was feeling stuck in my 9-5 job.  I worked so hard to get there and just didn’t feel appreciated.  I had been to a Thirty-One party and had a long wish list.  Then I told myself that I “needed” some bags for my new travel business.  I figured out that the enrollment kit (check it out below!) had everything I wanted (and more) and it was a good deal.  Plus I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a discount on everything else that would end up on my wish list.  A week or so later, my coworker was having some friends over for another direct sales party and she told me to bring my new kit over too.  I insisted that I had no intention of selling Thirty-One, but the bags were cute and everyone should check them out, so I brought my stuff.  Well, I left her house that night with some great sales and 3 people that wanted to have parties.  So much for not selling this stuff!


Fast forward about 2 months and we found out that we were expecting our son Enzo.  I had always thought about being a stay-at-home mom, because my mom had been home with me.  So we did some number crunching and figured out that after paying for day care, I was only going to bring about $200 a month into our household income.  So, I decided that I would work to earn $200 per month with Thirty-One so that I wouldn’t feel guilty about staying home.  The more I learned about the company, the more I fell in love.  The more I fell in love, the more I wanted to share the amazing company and it’s products with everyone!  My business was growing quickly and so were my dreams!  I never dreamed when I purchased that kit that I’d be here, ten years later!  But I couldn’t be happier.  So funny how life throws you curveballs, right?


Because of Thirty-One, I’ve been able to do things I would have never imagined like confidently run an online business that replaced my 9-5 income*, meet amazing new friends and go on some fun (and FREE!) vacays!  This business has been such a game-changer for my family and I’m so proud that I get to help my team support their families and help my customers find solutions to make their lives simpler.


If you’re even a tiny bit curious if being a part of Thirty-One might be a fit for you (whether it’s for every day discounts, for girl time, for fun money, or for consistent income), I would love to share more with you!  I truly love what I do and would be happy to chat!  Simply send me an email.  Or better yet, send me a text!


*Results may not be typical.

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